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Bear River Wikipedia

“Bear River is a small village situated at the head of the tidewaters of the Bear River…”


“Simply stated, this site was created in order to give people a reliable place to find accurate information about the Mi’kmaw people and their culture, their history, and their spirituality…”

Bear River Historical Society

“Native Mi’kmaq people inhabited this scenic glacial valley many thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans. The tidal river that they called “L’sitkuk Elsetuk”…”

Bear River .ca

“Welcome to Bear River (L’sitkuk), a charming village in Nova Scotia that will captivate you with its creative spirit, breathtaking 32-foot tides that refresh daily, and picturesque homes perched on stilts…”

Valley Tourism

“Bear River is noted for its picturesque old buildings on stilts along the riverside. The scenery has made it popular with photographers and a tourism destination. Bear River is affectionately known as “the Switzerland of Nova Scotia” because of the steep hills which surround the village…”


“Native Mi’kmaq people inhabited this scenic glacial valley many thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans and continue to do so today. The tidal river that they called “L’sitkuk Elsetuk”, provided easy travel to the coast where they harvested various fish and clams. Inland they hunted abundant wild game, including caribou….”

Cherry Carnival

Video of Bear River Cherry Carnival 1928, Nova Scotia Canada…

Still Standing CBC

“The most organized, cooperative village that doesn’t exist. People used to refer to Bear River, Nova Scotia as the Wild Wild East, and for good reason. The town hasn’t technically existed for almost 200 years, but don’t bother telling the residents that. They’re too busy running the place…”

Bear River Arts & Action

“Information about music, visual arts, craft events and community events in Bear River, Nova Scotia and sometimes events in sister communities like Digby, Sandy Cove and Annapolis Royal.”

Tidal Village Bear River

“…the village was labeled “The Switzerland of Nova Scotia”.  This outstanding picturesque setting has been extremely captivating over the years.  Many consider our “Tidal Village” to be the most interesting setting for a community in Nova Scotia…..”

Digby Area Tourism

“The Digby Area is comprised of several beautiful areas along the Bay of Fundy in western Nova Scotia. Ranked one of the friendliest communities in Canada, we will always make you feel at home…”

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